Reviews & Awards

When you do good work, you get noticed.

OUtside magazine Best MTB Gear of 2023: ZL22 Bike Glove

Selected by Outside Magazine as the best MTB Glove of 2023.

The Daily Pow: RPG Glove video review

The Daily Pow takes the RPG up to Alta for a slope-side review.

Backcountry Magazine Editor's choice 2022-23: Pro Mitten

The Pro Mitten gets top honors for 2022_23.

The Daily POW: M3 Glove Video Review

The Daily Pow takes the M3 up to Alta for an on-slope look at the M3 Ski Glove.

OUtside Magaizne's Best Gloves of 2022: The MxMaster

The MxMaster Glove is chosen by Outside Magazine as one of the best gloves of 2022.

Backcountry Magazine Gear Box selection: M3 Ski Glove

TRUCK's M3 Ski Glove is an official Gear Box selection for 2021