factory partners

Building Quality Gloves and Lasting Relationships

Factory Location

Sialkot Pakistan sits along the boarder of Pakistan and India within the foothill region of the Himalayan Mountains. Sialkot is a global exporter of numerous leather-made products like World Cup footballs, leather garments AND hand sewn TRUCK gloves.

Yearly visits

Each year TRUCK Founder and President Brett Keyes travels to Sialkot, Pakistan to work directly with our factory partners. This in-person time is critical to the development of great partner relationships and ensuring the manufacturing of great quality product.


There's really no substitute for spending in-person time on the factory floor while TRUCK product is being sewn. Having the ability to review the various manufacturing processes is how we can ensure that the finished goods are exactly what we need them to be.

Local food

Of course after working all day, one of the best parts about traveling is getting to experience the local food and culture.

Culture: The national passtime

Cricket is a sport that lives deep in the hearts of the Pakistani people. Pickup games are played wherever there's a little open space. The Pakistani national team is generally ranked among the best in the world.

Small batch production

Our factory supplier offers us the ability to build product in small batches. Building in small batches has many benefits including better attention to detail, shorter lead times, and the ability to alter any design issues that may arise. Small batch production keeps us nimble, quick and efficient.

Product Development

Taking the time to visit our supplier each year allows us to save time in the overall development process. Working remotely across the globe is certainly doable these days. But, nothing can replace the efficiency of being on the ground, in the same time zone and office space as the colleagues building our product. Consistent visits with our partners allow us to work more efficiently and gives us the opportunity to build lasting working relationships and friendships.

Factory Certifications

It's imperative to TRUCK that we work with responsible partners who prioritize working conditions that are safe and fair. So we take great pride in the fact that our facility meets and exceeds the requisite conditions to receive and maintain the following industry standard certifcations: AMFORI BSCI, CE Mark, and ISO-9001.