We started TRUCK because we want to provide our friends, family, and customers with top-quality gear. AND, we also think you deserve top-quality gear at what we call ‘disruptively’ competitive pricing.

Having spent over 75 combined years outside, in the mountains, on the trails, over the peaks, and through the woods, we at TRUCK know what good quality gear is. We know good design because we use it. We know good materials because we benefit from them. We know excellent durability because we need it. If we can create products that we believe in, we are certain you can believe in them too.

On top of that, our time in the mountains and hills not only helped craft our appreciation of top-quality product, but it hardened our belief that more of your time should be spent using top-quality gear than spent paying for it. Our product costs represent only materials, transportation, and our minimal operations. Nothing more. Nothing less. We want to DISRUPT the status quo. Top-quality gear, DISRUPTIVE costs!

We invite you to join our family. See what we have to offer. We’re certain you’ll be stoked.

Brett, Andy, Jay

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