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Taking your gloves on and off each time you want to take a photo or check your directions is always a little annoying. For 2022 we have updated our ZL, ZLP, and ZRP gloves with conductive thumbs AND index fingers. So take your bike glove comfort, durability AND conducitivity to the next level with one of our three amazing selections!

Check out what your hands may love from each of our three catagories!





At TRUCK we keep it simple. We design great hand wear. Our awesome factory partners sew the gloves. We warehouse them in Salt Lake City. Then we ship directly to you with no stops or markups in between.

This streamlined product development and sales cycle offers us great control over everything we do. And, best of all, it allows us to sell our product at super fair prices.



For five years I have traveled from coast to coast introducing TRUCK to the operational groups at nearly every ski resort from Maine to Washington. The goal was to build a glove that met the varied needs of the patrollers, lifties, snowmakers, and ski instructors who demand a quality product as well as one they can actually afford. And if we could do that, well, then we knew we had something good to offer.

Today we have a faithful following of resort employees who swear by the quality and costs we offer.


--Brett Keyes, Founder

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"Love em!
I absolutely love these gloves. They fit wonderfully and are actually a lot more flexible than I anticipated, which is great. They do exactly what I need in a glove and are holding up tremendously. Great quality product."
— Michael G.
M4 Glove
Customer reviews
— Erin