Jay's Japan Journey

Winter 2024

trip report

This January TRUCK co-founder, Jay Beyer, journeyed back to Hokkaido, Japan to once again delight in deep snow, incredible food, excellent hospitality and ear-to-ear smiles with his wife Rachel, and a couple of close friends.

The 2024 A-Team: Jay Beyer, Rachel Beyer, along with Ashley and Jonah Howell.

This probably won't come as a surprise, but the sushi in Japan is mind-blowing!  We had the opportunity to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner:) And it's brilliant every time: fresh, buttery and unbelievably delicious!

And after long hours of skiing in a world of gray and white hues, even the colors are delicious!

It's a rare occasion through the months of January and February that you get a break in the storms and can see your surroundings. This region averages around 500" of snowfall each year. So it's a treat to get one of those distant horizon-line days that offer grander views and sweeping vistas of Japan's stunning landscape.

In Japan they treat Ramen a little differently than we use to as broke college students on a food budget. Ramen in Japan is a whole different meal and experience. None of the cheap plastic wrappers or styrofoam cups. Here they treat it with care. And, although it is a staple food, it's made with quality ingredients like fresh vegetables, meats and all sorts of fun spices.

We suggest that anyone who visits Japan try Ramen multiple times in different cities since it can have lots of regional variations that are all delicious and unique. I personally love a spicy Ramen with a Kirin and some Gyoza!

Storm-cycle skiing. Blower pow. Moderate, safe fall-lines. Ear-to-ear smiles. This is the definition of fun on skis!

This year we again teamed up with our great friend and Hokkaido powder guide, Yuki.  

Yuki owns and operates a guide service that caters to folks looking for deep snow, buttery sushi, and hot pools of water for post-skiing bliss.

If any of this sounds interesting, you can find Yuki here: 

IG: @yukipowderguru Email:sweetgrassjapan@gmail.com

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