In summer of 2022, TRUCK gloves partnered with Waterbury Area Trail Alliance (WATA) for a little fun and giving back in the forests of Vermont. WATA employs the help of a strong, loyal group of volunteers who donate their time  and energy to help build and improve some of Vermont's finest singletrack mountain bike trails. 
With the assistance of TRUCK's line of work gloves and bike gloves, the WATA volunteers were equally well equipped to spend hours digging dirt, moving stones, cutting vegetation and then enjoying the fun and excitement of riding their new creations.


If you’re ever in the Waterbury, VT area, be sure to check out the Perry Hill and Little River networks for a good shred. Lend a hand by reaching out to WATA at  or just enjoy the all-time Northeastern singletrack.
Be sure to grab a pint at one of the BOD approved breweries, Pro Pig or The Reservoir afterward, and if you need a place to crash, we highly recommend The Best Western Plus or if you're looking for a more intimate spot try The Stagecoach Inn.

 Brett / Founder

“Being on the volunteer trail building committee for WATA is a labor of love. We were so excited when Truck Gloves became a sponsor and provided us with work gloves and bike gloves.  Not only do their work gloves stand the test in the field, their bike gloves also hold up to the root scattered trails in Vermont!”  Logan Shuman, WATA BOD Vice President
"These are the best work gloves I've ever used. They are incredibly protective, comfortable, and durable - my hands might even feel better after using them!" - Nick Bennette, VMBA Executive Director
“Truck Gloves materials and construction are the perfect balance between durability, comfort, and breathability to let them be the right thing to wear day in and day out.” Keith Macchione, WATA BOD President

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