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Building and Riding Trails in the Wasatch Mountains

TRUCK Gloves & Creative trails, llc

This summer, TRUCK teamed up with Park City local legend Bob Radke and his trail building crew at Creative Trails, LLC. We spent a day at Brighton Resort getting a first hand look at some of the rad work they are involved in to bring a new series of mountain bike trails to the area. And of course for us, we were excited to have them using our gloves in the creation of the trails and ultimately riding them.


Bob Radke opened Creative Trails, LLC in 2018, after having owned and operated Sagebrush Trails & Services, LLC for 10 years. Bob has extensive experience in a broad range of trail-related services, from designing and construction to master planning, construction management and development of trail systems.

Most of all, he enjoys making trails for others.

TRUCK Gloves Partnership

This summer we reached out to Bob offering to support his crew with work and bike gloves for the season. He asked his trail crew team what they thought. And, in doing so it turned out a number of his employees were already wearing TRUCK for their winter and summer activities. So it was an easy choice for them to accept our offer. You might even say it was a "perfect fit."

Bob's Berms...

If you have the oppurtunity to ride in the Park City area, make sure to take a couple laps in Bob's Basin where you'll find a number of trails designed and crafted by Bob and his team. He is also well known for crafting the pedal-accessed Arcylon jump trail ("No Lycra" spelled backward). A signature part of Bob's trail designs are perfectly-formed berms for fun, sweeping, high speed adventures through the landscape.

work to trail suggestions

Whether you're designing and crafting the trails or simply enjoying them on two wheels, TRUCK has something for you!

M4 Glove

"I like my TRUCK Gloves because they are durable. I have used TRUCK gloves in multiple professions and they have always been reliable. I am currently using the M4 with a cuff to build bike trails and this glove has kept dirt, dust, and debris out."

- Brook


" The most naturally fitting gloves I have used. They feel sturdy, comfortable, easy on and off, I am stoked!"

- Bob R.

ZL Bike Glove

" I have been searching for a biking glove that I like for a while and I just found them! I have worn them on a couple of long rides and I forget they are even on my hands! I really appreciate the extra length in the thumb and forefinger, it helps keep my hands from going numb."

- Bob R.