TRUCK is excited to offer custom branded gloves to businesses interested in purchasing high-quality hand wear branded with their business names and/or logos. Whether the gloves will be purchased for normal operations in environments where additional uniform branding is desired, promotional needs, or retail sales, TRUCK can help. 


  • Logo branding is accomplished with a custom 'hot stamp' tool, similar to how we currently add the TRUCK logo to our leather gloves.
  • TRUCK will work with each client individually to confirm the correct size of the hot stamp tool file and then coordinate with the factory to build the tool and apply the custom logo to each specific custom order. When possible, this work will be done using a laser engraving machine that can produce a 'sample' custom glove for review and confirmation. 
  • Due to the additional tooling costs and management needed to facilitate custom orders, there will be an additional surcharge applied to each custom order.
  • Lead times for custom glove orders will vary by project. However, there will be a seasonal order 'window' for custom orders that will allow us to build and ship the custom gloves along with our normal production gloves. Placing orders in this 'window' of time will be the most efficient and reliable way to ensure that custom orders are delivered at a specific time. Custom orders placed outside of this seasonal 'window' will be handled on a case-by-case basis -- but expect lead times to be no less than 6-8 weeks and in some cases longer. 


  • There is a 50pr minimum per order and gloves must be ordered in increments of 5pr per size.
  • Surcharge for 50-100pr is $4.99 per pair.
  • Surcharge for 105-250pr is $3.99 per pair.
  • Surcharge for 255pr or great is $2.99