Friends of Berthoud Pass (or FOBP) was organized following the closure of the local Berthoud Pass Ski Area in order to preserve continued access for backcountry touring in the vicinity. After securing access and establishing the area as a popular backcountry skiing zone, we quickly realized that increased backcountry safety and education would be critical as more people accessed this zone. FOBP has since grown into an educational non-profit organization teaching avalanche education reaching upwards of 1000 participants a season.

Over the years, we’ve developed a curriculum of virtual, in person, and field based avalanche safety classes that we provide for free throughout the season, along with scholarship opportunities for further avalanche education. These classes are all taught by our experienced volunteer team of instructors.

In order to support our operations and scholarship programs, along with other outreach projects like trailhead safety signage in and around Berthoud Pass, we rely on supporters throughout the outdoor industry. We were stoked when Truck Gloves reached out wanting to get involved; part of that being custom gloves for our field team!

A staple of our curriculum are the “On Snow” days, where we take people out for a full day on Berthoud Pass and practice a lot of the concepts we go over in the earlier classes. The goal is to get as much hands-on experience packed into a day, and this means a lot of time with your hands literally on the snow. The M1 Pro and RPG Gloves have been great tools for teaching in as they stay remarkably dry despite digging in the snow, and make staying warm all day a breeze.




“These have become my go to for just about every day in the winter now! They’re a staple in my ski kit, and can also take a beating snowmobiling. You think skiing is rough on your gear? Try wrestling a 500lb piece of metal through trees all day. Anything that can stand up in those conditions are bomber, and these gloves have been great for that!” - Alex Blanchard - FOBP Field Team

“They are dexterous as f**k.” - Jeff Welch - FOBP Field Team


“The windchill was a brisk -4 today in the high alpine. I was stocked with backup handwarmers to make it through the day but was pleasantly surprised by how warm I was in my new truck mittens. They conserve heat without being bulky, fit true to size, and have molded nicely to my hands with only a few days on the slopes. Definitely a new favorite pair of mittens.” - Diana Westcott - FOBP Field Team

 P.S. Truck Gloves are great for holding cold beers after a long day of skiing!

FOBP Gloves