TRUCK Ambassador / Becky Fuys

Snap Shot: Our friend Becky is a local Salt Lake business owner/teacher in her professional life and an avid mountain biker, skier, and adventurer in her spare time. When she's not out chasing new mountainous exploits, she can be found teaching Wilderness First Aid and EMT skills to other aspiring outdoor enthusiasts.

Tell us a little about your work as an educator.

  • Last fall I launched my own business, Backcountry Ready Outdoor Education, a wilderness medicine company based here in Utah. I still certify under DMM (Desert Mountain Medicine) and use their curricula, but I'm hoping to get my business here ramped up so I can continue to teach full time with less travel. As much as I love exploring new places, the dream would be to get to do both, and hopefully set myself up for a more sustainable future in teaching. I really want to start providing more opportunities for people to learn basic first aid skills, especially as the outdoor industry is growing so fast.

What’s a recent adventure that you put some good time and effort into?

  • Last summer I completed the Jackson picnic with my parents, two adventure-loving folks from the midwest. The Jackson Picnic is a triathlon / unsanctioned challenge that starts at the elk antler arch in Town Square in Jackson with a 22 mile bike ride to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Then you swim across the lake, hike / climb the Grand Teton, and finally around to do it all in reverse, ending in town square again. We made some minor modifications by substituting the Middle Teton for the Grand, and swam the length of Jenny Lake instead of across it, making our overall hike a little shorter. Looking back, we all agreed it was the hardest thing both physically and mentally we've ever attempted (and completed!), even with taking a short nap break between the hike and the final swim. As with any big sufferfest, there was a wide range of happy moments, challenging moments, and plenty of "why the heck did we decide to do this again?" moments. I'm super grateful to have parents that are willing to go to the lengths that they had to to organize, train, and then push through to finish something like that. They sure keep me inspired! 

Why do you like mountain biking so much?

  • There are so many reasons to love biking! What initially caught my attention was the feeling I experienced riding downhill on a flow trail for the first time and how similar it is to snowboarding. As I got more into it I learned to appreciate the uphill. And now I really enjoy the exercise that comes from climbing & cross-country rides. It's such a great balance of mind-numbing cardio, exploration, and of course, the exhilarating rush of the downhill to top off a long ride. Not to mention my joints really appreciate the shift from the impact they endure during winter sports... suspension is great:) 

So you’ll be doing some work through the Utah Avalanche Center this year? What’s happening there?

  • Yes! This past season I was super lucky to get the opportunity to shadow a few Backcountry 101 & Avy Rescue courses with the UAC, and I'm excited to start officially teaching for them next year. The UAC has always been an organization I've looked up to for a number of reasons, and I'm stoked to get to be a part of and hopefully contribute to their awesome instructor team. 

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