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Snap Shot: Carston is a local Salt Lake'r. He's a rabid skier, biker, tinkerer, and self-proclaimed Hot Sauce weirdo.

Brands: TRUCK, Mystery Ranch, Patagonia, Moments Skis.

Social: @carstonoliver

How'd you make your way into the world of being a professional athlete?

So I grew up skiing and riding in Salt Lake. And between high school and college I was entering slopestyle and freeride contests with my friends. I’m not super competitive by nature. So I wasn’t necessarily winning everything. But I was having fun and enjoying the scene. At the same time, I was chasing around other pros like Cattabriga-Alosa and Barnhill and being invited to join them for shoots. The door opened for me once I was on-boarded by Patagonia as one of their athletes. That helped cement the idea that I could make some money while being outside doing what I loved. And that new freedom of movement was brilliant. So I’ve stuck with it!

Aside from spending a lot of time in the air, what are a couple other things you spend time on?

I spend a lot of time digging into dirt and growing vegetables in my own yard and a few community gardens around the city. I love growing hot peppers, among other things, and I even have a small line of hot sauce called Spicy Magic Sauce that I distribute locally to friends/family/ and some limited online sales. I also spend a good amount of time working at the I-Street bike park -- one of the local bike parks that we're actively trying to get folded into Salt Lake's official park management system. During the snowy months I teach avalanche awarness courses through the Utah Avalanche Center. And, when there's time left over you can find me working on high-pressure hydraulic test systems for various businesses around the valley.

Do you have a training regiment that helps you prep for each season? or do you just go out and do?

I tailor my training to whatever objective I have lined up. Typically that means a couple days in the gym each week. And sometimes that means I'm bouncing around on my trampoline in my backyard or hitting the local Woodward for big foam pits. Other times I'm just out hitting big miles on the bike and/or just looking for soft snow in the backcountry to throw myself into. It's all about keeping it fun and being prepared for the up and coming adventures -- whatever they may be.

Carston Oliver

TRUCK Athlete & Ambassador


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