2015/16 Road Tour


During the winter of 2015/2016 TRUCK introduced its first products to the market -- the M1 and M2 ski gloves. To compliment the launch of our new website, we also invested in a Sprinter van and built it into a fully-equiped road tour machine that would serve as our mobile store front and office command-center. Our mission was simple and fun: travel around the Western United States, visit ski resorts, meet great people, sell gloves, and ski! We loaded the van with as many gloves as we could fit and set out on the road to present what we were confident were the best gloves for the best prices on the market. The greatest part for us was that at every ski resort we were always guaranteed an audience that appreciates great quality gloves at fair prices: Ski Patrol.

The ski patrol groups around the country are a hard working crew of personnel that spend their days in some of the most inclement weather conditions that any work professionals have to endure. They use and abuse their equipment on a daily basis. Because of this, they are a discerning group who demand high quality and good value. We were certain that our gloves would be well received. And so, starting in early December, we embarked on a 3 month tour to present our product to these patrol groups and all the other folks we would inevitably bump into along the way. By the time March rolled around, we had succesfully visited and sold gloves to patrol groups at 31 resorts. Oh yeah, and we got a little skiing in along the way as well...;)











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