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RPG 2021

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  Living Room Fit (LRF) Philosophy 

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Just a heads-up that we're deep into the development of the new RP family of gloves. 3 full-gauntlet models that will sit atop our warmth and protection pyramid: the RP3 (Trigger style), the RPM (Mitten) and newly designed RPG (5-finger). We had hoped to release the line this Winter. But the year's global problems proved too much to overcome. However, we want to generate stoke and confirm that we WILL have these models fully cooked and ready to roll by later in 2021. 

**Please note that this model is still being developed. Model details are subject to change. 

The RPG is being redesigned and will be part of our new, larger line of full-gauntlet gloves designed to offer superb protection and warmth. The RPG's insulation package is being designed to keep you warm on the coldest and gnarliest of days. While the waterproof-breathable membrane will ensure that the storm's moisture stays outside. The mix of insulation and moisture protection will position this model as the warmest hand wear that TRUCK offers. 

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