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The 7 Best Places to Hit the Slopes Close to Chicago

Where do you go if you’re interested in skiing near Chicago? O’Hare Airport. Of course, that old joke is based in the fact that while the Chicago area is blessed with many natural resources, mountains aren’t one of them. If you talk to the big western resorts, you’ll find that Chicago is indeed one of their biggest markets. People are willing to hop on a plane to enjoy skiing and snowboarding for that once-a-year mountain vacation. But you don’t have to take to the skies to hit the slopes. Illinois may be the second flattest state in the country—Florida is No. 1—but you can still find plenty of hills that have some surprisingly good ski and snowboard options. If you’ve...

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The 10 Best Family-Friendly Ski Resorts in North America

From on-site childcare to indoor water parks, these winter destinations offer plenty of perks for the kids and you. Hold on to your snow hats. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, “Winter is back” for 2017, with the white stuff predicted to pile up higher than mashed potatoes on a holiday buffet across New England, the Northeast and the Western States. Luckily for working moms, there are family-friendly ski and snow resorts across North America that embrace kids as well as the snow. So put on your hats and gloves and get ready to hop onto the bunny trails with your young skiers at these top family winter resorts. You'll find fun extras like fireworks, water parks and sleigh rides—something for...

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How to Pull off a 100-Day Ski Season with a Full-Time Job

By the time I skied my 100th day this season—skinning up Alta at sunset after a rogue May storm dusted the mountain with a few inches of fresh snow—the outing felt both special and normal. Special because every ski day is a high-five from life. Normal because I’d spent the whole season getting re-accustomed to skiing multiple days per week like I did ski-bumming for many years. These days, I am a homeowner. I have a career; I have garden tools; I fill out weekly timesheets at work. But I found myself putting off too much of my weekly fun until Friday happy hour. Yes, I still skied every weekend and holiday, with frequent dawn patrols thrown in for good...

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