Ski Gear Checklist

Skiing is one of the most exciting winter sports that you can participate in. From bunny slopes to black diamonds there is something for people of all skill levels and ages. While skiing can be an exciting adventure and a chance to make unforgettable memories it is crucial that you have the right gear. If you have the warmest and best gear it can make your experience much better. Here is the best ski gear checklist that you can find. This ski gear checklist lists the best brands and products no matter how good you are on the slopes.



This company has taken the ski gear checklist to the next level. They understand how crucial having your phone is while on the slopes for emergencies and fun, but they also know the dangers of bringing it with you. They have created a thermal capsule for your phone to keep it protected.



This company makes some of the best goggles on the market. They take pride in making goggles that do not fog up and are very comfortable. Their goggles are very clear and help you see everything with full color.



Skis are essential if you want to hit the slopes and renting them can be a painful process. If you are an avid skier you should buy your own skis from Gilson Snow. They can help you find the perfect skis for your body, size, and style of skiing.



Truck makes some of the best ski gloves on the market. They are warm, durable, and water-resistant. Some of the best types of gloves you can get are the UAC M1 Pro and the Trigger gloves.



Rhino Skin Solutions makes some of the best hand sanitizer and non-greasy skin repair cream on the market. These products are essential after a day on the slopes. You can keep your hands clean with the hand sanitizer and then use the skin repair cream to keep your hand moist after being the cold for hours.



Huppy Bars are delicious energy bars to keep you going all day long. Why take a lunch break when you can power through and eat a Huppy Bar on the lift?



Ombraz makes high quality sunglasses that are ideal for skiing. When skiing in the sun you often experience a glow and shimmer on the snow. This can hurt your eyes and make it difficult to see. A great pair of sunglasses from Ombraz can make all the difference.



To make sure you stay warm and comfortable on the slopes you need to invest in a warm and water resistant pair of ski pants and jacket. NWT3K makes the perfect combination of ski pants and jackets to fit any style and body.



Grass Sticks makes hand made bamboo ski poles that are great for all skiers, both novice and advanced. They include a lifetime warranty.



This company makes some of the best gear imaginable for skiers. From their undershirts to sleeping pads you are sure to stay warm.


Ski boots are a necessity for any ski gear checklist. There are many options available and the ones you choose to get should be based on personal preference and comfortable fit.


Ski bindings are a necessity but there are many on the market that you can choose from.



A ski helmet is meant to keep you safe and protected on any slope. Unit1gear makes some fo the best and highest quality helmets on the market.



After a long day on the slopes, no one wants to change into something uncomfortable. Livsn Designs pants are comfortable and warm to keep you relaxed after a long day and get you ready to hit some après ski.

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Biking Gear Essentials


Biking Gear Essentials


Stock on Biking Gear Essentials 

The next time you are planning for a long bike ride, make sure you have the biking gear essentials you need to have safe and enjoyable trip. After buying your bike through an up and coming mountain bike brand like a GT or Kona, you may want to consider some additional items that will only add a few pounds of gear but allow you to make your entire trip enjoyable. 


At a minimum, you want to make sure you have some biking gear essentials that are geared more towards emergencies you may encounter on your trip or necessary resources to keep you alert and energy high. A hydration bladder or water bottle is always important as the body will easily drain fluids even after just a few miles of biking. Second, most riders often forget but should really bring a first aid kit with them in case an injury occurs on the trail. Finally, the most important biking gear essentials are of course a bike helmet, and the next up and coming bike helmet brand you could consider is a model like Octal X Spin from POC or FL-1 Trail Helmet from Bern. POC is a Swedish company that was founded in 2005 and has been an industry leader in helmets since 2014. Bern has been in the helmet industry for 15 years and focuses on more stylish yet safe helmets.

As the amount of gear, you provide starts to add up, it is important to bring a backpack on your trip. With a backpack, you can store all your essentials, like a first aid kit, and in the summer months, skin protection such as bug spray or sunscreen. Also, for long trips, make sure to bring truck gloves or official bike gloves so you do not subject yourself to blisters on your journey. If you do not plan to bring a lunch, at least consider bringing some snacks such as trail mix or an energy pouch like Nakee butter. Nakee butter is a startup that creates consumable spreads in a pouch that provides instant energy. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 3.24.22 PM.png

If you are a professional biker, participating in long road journeys or more extreme off road biking, than it may be appropriate to invest in biking attire. From the bottom up you will want to start with comfortable bike shoes that are light and flexible, and bike socks that provide great muscle support and wick away moisture from your feet. If you're going off roading, than you may want to consider investing in body armour, such as knee and elbow pads as general biking attire will not protect you from injury if you were to fall off your bike in a rocky area.

Finally, the main attire should consider bike shorts with or without padded liner shorts and a riding jersey. If you do not like form fitting bike shorts consider Boulder Denim, a company that makes jeans appropriate for biking. Also make sure that you are not wearing a bike jersey against your skin, but rather invest in an up and coming baselayer brand such as a REI Co-op Lightweight Crew or a Patagonia Capilene Air Hoody during the winter months. REI standing for Recreational Equipment, Inc. is a popular outdoor sports retail chain and Patagonia is a clothing company within the United States that focuses on outdoor attire. If you do like a standard for fitting bike jersey, consider Livsn Designs, a small manufacturing firm of outdoor jerseys.

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 Other Accessories

If you are one of those riders that wants to be better than safe and sorry, consider bringing just a few more key items especially if you intend to be on a longer trip. A compass or GPS is great for off road trips where it is easy to get lost in the woods. Also consider a bike light or headlamp in case a mechanical leaves you out after sunset. Also consider bringing a lightweight packable shell and extra layers in case you get sweaty or need to bunker down overnight. Also invest in eye protection such as Shred Optics - sunglasses, a brand of sunglasses that is specifically meant for bikers and other outdoor sports. Finally, as expected, you should bring a phone plus a portable charger in waterproof case.


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Best Outdoor Clothing Brands — ReddyYeti

Best Outdoor Clothing Brands


If you're into camping or an avid outdoorsmen, finding clothing that offers durability, functionality, and style is easier said than done. For people who enjoy spending their time outdoors, there is nothing more important than finding the perfect pair of running shorts, stretchable denim jeans or a durable pair of gloves. Below are the 5 best outdoor clothing brands, which is based on personal experience and outstanding customer reviews.

Livsn Design 

Livsn Designs is an outdoor clothing company and they make it their mission is to produce the highest quality outdoor wear. They employ a team of award-winning designers who are committed to longevity and sustainability. Their name "Livsn" originates from the Swedish word "livsnjutare" which means "an enjoyer of life." Their clothing is designed for people who value experiences more than stuff. One of their biggest sellers has to be their flex canvas pants, which are slim-fit outdoor pants that deliver versatility and durability. These pants are perfect for hiking, camping or any other outdoor activity.

Truck Gloves

TRUCK Gloves is a clothing company that provides top quality gear at a competitively low price point and have an understanding of what good quality gear is. When it comes to purchasing gloves, you want gloves made from top-quality materials. Truck Gloves creates products that are not only durable but also affordable. Their products are created by people who enjoy the outdoors and understand the importance of quality. One of their most popular products are their ski gloves, which feature beautiful goat-skin leather and comfortable insulation.

Boulder Denim

When it comes to denim, there is nothing more important than quality. Boulder Denim was established by two outdoor enthusiasts on a mission to create clothing that was both stylish and functional. The idea came, after its founders, Taz and Brad returned from a rock climbing exhibition to discover their clothing tattered and torn and their legs bruised and scraped, which was when they decided to create climbing pants that were equally stylish and durable.

They developed the perfect stretch denim for climbing. Although the jeans were created for rock-climbing, they can be worn all the time, which features a hidden zipper pocket so you won't have to worry about losing your keys or wallet. Their Slim-fit jeans are my personal favorite and one of their best-selling products, which are stylish, adventurous, and perfectly tailored for men and women.

True Revo

If you're an avid runner, you want to purchase a pair of shorts, which will keep your phone secure and provide you the breathability you need. True Revo is a clothing company that provides functional, high-performance sportswear. Dropping your phone is the worst-case scenario for a runner; True Revo produced a pair of running shorts that solved this problem. There sports shorts feature 2 side pockets, a zipper back pocket, and reflective details to ensure you're visible at night.

Roman Trail Outfitters

Sometimes it's nice to break from technology and go out and experience Mother Nature firsthand, but to do so, you need clothing, which can endure harsh conditions and will provide you the comfort you need. Roman Trail Outfitters is a clothing brand that caters to your wearable needs and provides everything needed to conquer the great outdoors. There Merino Wool Women's Long Sleeve Top is made from 100 percent merino wool, which is perfect for camping, backpacking, and running.


Finding comfortable, durable and weather resistant clothing shouldn’t be hard. If you love the outdoors and are looking for some new clothes for your next adventure, check out these Clothing Best Outdoor Clothing Brands and you won’t be sorry. 



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