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Project Pat 2.0 | The Armada legend returns www.TRUCKgloves.com - Direct-to-Consumer brand offering the best skiing, biking and lifestyle handwear at the most affordable prices. DISTINCTIVE GLOVES / DISRUPTIVE PRICES . . . If his name is new to you, it shouldn’t be. Pat Goodnough has been progressing the craft of skiing with the best of them for over a decade. From going toe to toe with LJ Strenio in War of Rails , to skiing and filming with his good friend, the lion himself, Tanner Hall, there are few avenues of skiing that Pat has not seen. He is a battle tested warrior, and has been a staple of the world of park skiing through its rise. As is overtly evident in this 5 minute throw down, he continues to deliver top tier style to this day. In the original “Project Pat” edit, documented exactly 10 years ago over the 2010-2011 season, Project P chews up and spits out every canon, A-frame, jump gap, and anything in between across Breckenridge, momma Hood, and Keystone. Today, in 2.0, we see the legend stepping away from the park scene to explore creative features in a plethora of locations. In the cement streets, a powder-trenched backcountry oasis, and even grinding a Breck Palma line, Pat is as creative as they come with his choice selection of step downs, slides, and hits. He is older now, but wiser and more experienced because of it. Like his namesake implies, Pat continues to pop his collar and stunt his unparalleled style. A true OG of skiing if there ever was one, you can put your money on Patty G skiing like a champion snow samurai for years to come. Related: Armada introduces brand-new Declivity series of all-mountain skis The post Project Pat 2.0 | The Armada legend returns appeared first on FREESKIER . https://s22867.pcdn.co/videos/project-pat-2-0-the-armada-legend-returns

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