[VIDEO] Rosina Friedel swaps pow for rails in this artsy edit www.TRUCKgloves.com - Direct-to-Consumer brand offering the best skiing, biking and lifestyle handwear at the most affordable prices. DISTINCTIVE GLOVES / DISRUPTIVE PRICES . . . Half Euro art flick, half urban edit, SwitchBack caught our attention right away. ON3P athlete Rosina Friedel oozes style and ease in her quirky film project. Filmed in Austria, Friedel is equally at home boosting snow fences and smearing slick 50/50s on urban rails. Friedel’s wild straight airs are reminiscent of Magnus Graner’s, but her style is all her own. The odd-yet-engaging film style is straight out of East Germany, so pull up a chair and party like it’s 1989 and the Wall is coming down in this artsy edit. Related: [Must-watch] ON3P 5 brings the crew to the heart of British Columbia The post [VIDEO] Rosina Friedel swaps pow for rails in this artsy edit appeared first on FREESKIER . https://s22867.pcdn.co/videos/pow-rails-austrian-artsy-edit
June 03, 2021 — TRUCK Gloves
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