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Watch these quarantined skiers explore new steeps in their own backyard www.TRUCKgloves.com - Direct-to-Consumer brand offering the best skiing, biking and lifestyle handwear at the most affordable prices. DISTINCTIVE GLOVES / DISRUPTIVE PRICES . . . Every pro skier has a stomping ground, a place where they cut their teeth as kids. But the glitz and glamor of pro skiing life often leads jet-setting pros to neglect the places they came from. When Covid-19 lockdowns hit Europe harder than North America, and many Euro-shredders were stuck in quarantine in their old neighborhoods. With the trams and funitels left swinging in the breeze, these skiers had to look at their home mountains in a new light. For Joi Hoffmann, Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck, skinning into an alpine hut just steps from their homes meant gaining a new appreciation for their home mountains. In this video from Arc’teryx watch as these three pioneer wild and new adventures right in their own backyard. Related: “Born in Chamonix” perfectly encapsulates the legacy of Tof Henry The post Watch these quarantined skiers explore new steeps in their own backyard appeared first on FREESKIER . https://s22867.pcdn.co/videos/video-quarantine-skiers-find-steeps-few-steps-from-home

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